Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stamp Club Sign-Up

It is time for Club Sign-Up!  The summer is flying and we have been working on the house.   I really thought I was going to have a class or two this summer and it just never happened. 

Club/Class will be the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  We will take December off.  The first club date will be Tuesday, September 17th at 6:30pm.  If there is interest in a morning Club/Class, that will be the 3rd Thursday at 9:30am.  Club/Class each month is FREE.  Class includes at least 2 projects.  Non club members may attend for a fee of $15.
If there is a group of you and some friends that would like a different night, that could be arranged.
In order to have a club I need at least 6 members.  Email me before September 1 if you would like to be in the Stamp Club.  Please read the Stamp Club Commitment below.  Once sign up is complete I will place you in a month to be hostess.  This is done very scientifically.  Jaclyn draws names out of a container.  Ta-da!
The Stamp Club commitment is as follows.

Stamp club members will attend my monthly class for FREE ($15 value per month).  This class will usually be held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at my house.  It will usually be 2 projects.  If projects are cards, envelopes will be included.  Each member will place an order (minimum of $25 before shipping and tax) each month.  To be fair to all, once you start Club you commit to, at a very minimum, place your monthly orders until the end of the club.  Club will run 6-10 months depending on how many people decide to join.  Here is what everyone needs to do:

1.  Place your order:  Minimum order each month is $25 (before shipping and tax).  Please be prepared to pay for your order by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard at the Monthly Class or any day before.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  You will each be a hostess and get Hostess Benefits one month.

2.  Bring basic supplies.  Please bring with you each time the following:
Catalog (You will receive one FREE), adhesive.  I will try and let you know other items each class that we might need.

3.  Attending the class.  You must RSVP by phone or e-mail each month for class.  I ask that you please let me know either way.  If you are not attending class you MUST drop off your order BEFORE the class meeting!!!  If you do not get your order in and I am unable to reach you that evening, I will order packages of assorted card stock for you.  You will then need to pay in 3 days.

4.  Be the Hostess!  When you are the hostess you will provide the dessert, beverage and paper goods for the meeting.  You also have the option of bringing in outside orders to boost your Hostess Benefits.  You will get a minimum of $25 in FREE merchandise...or more depending on your total orders.

5.  Have FUN stamping and learning new techniques and ideas. 

NOTE:  You are always encouraged to sign up friends for our Monthly Class.  The fee for non-club members is $15 each session.

I am looking forward to Club starting back up and having fun stamping!

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