Thursday, July 18, 2013

Raspberries and Pie

The other day I found these on the front porch.  They are from Jack's brother Gordon.  He grows them in his backyard.  I love raspberries.  I love blueberries even more.  And pie.  Do you love pie?  I love pie.  I decided to make a raspberry blueberry pie. 
I have made pies all my adult life.  In making the crust I have always used shortening.  I (there are a lot of I's in this post) decided to make this crust with butter.  Holy cow!  I will most likely never make pie crust with shortening ever again.  Ever.  Here is the pie before I put the top crust on.  I have flipped this picture 3 times.  It keeps rotating and won't stay put.  But look at that lovely fruit!

Here it is ready for the oven.  Do you see the left over crust?

Pie crust cookies!  Now I have made pie crust cookies in the past, but never with butter as part of the crust!

You want some, don't you?  They are so good.

Here is the pie!  Seriously, why have I not made pie crust with butter before?

Okay, next post will be back to stamping.  Promise.  I am slowly getting caught back up with that.

Have a great day!



MY Inky Fingers said...

Oh my! I bet your house smells amazing! Those look Devine!

MY Inky Fingers said...