Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Flowers Rose Tutorial

Fun Flowers Rose Tutorial

Debra Daam
Here is the rose.
Using 4 cardstock pieces 5-1/2x8-1/2 put them through your Big Shot with the Bigz L Fun Flowers Die.  You can only do 2 of these at a time.  You will use 4 of the large flower, 3 of the middle one and 3 of the smallest.
Snip between each petal towards the center of each flower piece.  Every size.
Spritz all of the largest size with water.  Take one at a time and place them on a folded piece of paper towel.  Using  your round headed hammer starting in the center, press down and make circular motions cupping the flower. 

Do this on each petal.
Every single one.
Take each petal and place one behind the other all the way around.

Squitch it all together.
Do this with all of the large and middle sizes.  Do the same with the small but use a smaller rounded end such as a paint brush end.

If you want the center to be tight then with tweezers pull each petal around tighter.

Here is each flower curled and squitched.
Separate all sizes into the large, medium and small.  Using Mono Multi Adhesive, glue the bottoms (one at a time) of the large and place one inside another, stacking them together.   Then glue each bottom into the other on the medium size and the same with the small.
You will have what looks like this.
Then glue the middle size into the large and then the small into the middle of that.
There is your completed rose.  You can squitch it tight or push down on the petals to make them relax and be more open.
You can also make smaller 'buds' by using just the middle and small size.

For leaves I use the Build a Blossom stamp set and then punch out with the Blossom Petals Builder Punch.  I used the Simply Scored stylus to score the veins and make the leaves curve a bit.

For class, this is the final project.

Here is another project using this technique.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Tags Die Easel Card

We made this last month at club.  I found how to do this over on Bronwyn Eastley's blog  FABULOUS!  There are a lot of good ideas over there! 

Using a piece of cardstock 3-1/2 x 9, score at 4-1/2.  Fold along the score line.  Using the Two Tags Die, align the folded edge on the larger tag inside the straight end and run it through the Big Shot.  With another piece of cardstock, cut out a full tag.

On the folded base piece, fold the top back.
Embellish the single piece.  This is the front of the card.  Attach the top of the single piece to the top of the folded card base.  Embellish as desired.

Pretty cool, huh?  I just love it.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Fan Fold Flower, Rosette, Lolly, Medallion, Whatchamacallit!

One of my projects last month was to make a Fan Fold Flower, Rosette, Lolly, Medallion, Whatchamacallit!  This really is called all of these things.  ANYway,  they really are fun to make.  They can be fiddly to work with, but fun!  I even made one of my very first tutorials!  WOOOHOOO!!!

This is the final project.

Now for the tutorial.  This is what we are making.

Place your 1x12 piece to score onto the Simply Scored board.

Score at every 1/2 inch.

Flip your piece over and score at every 1/4 inch.

Accordian fold your scored paper.

Snip off one end at the first score line.

Sticky strip the ends together.  It will look like this.
Using a low temp glue gun, glue cardstock circles onto your 'whatchamacallit'.  I have tried other glues.  This is the easiest and longest holding way to make these.
There!  Now it is ready for a project!
Go make some!  They are fun!

Have a great day!