Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Award

WOW!  What a nice surprise!  This award was given to me by sweet Heide.  Thank you so much!

Part of receiving this award means I have to do the following:
*Thank the person who gave you the award
*Share 8 things about yourself
*Pass this award onto 8 bloggers who inspire you.
*Contact the bloggers that you have awarded

My 8 things:
1.  I have been married to my Jack for 31 years.  LOVE him.  He is a true gem.
2.  I am a grandma to Elise and Irelyn. 
3.  I have 3 kiddoes.  Erin, David and Jaclyn.  Erin is married to Will, David is engaged to Hali (woohoo) and Jaclyn is my sweetie cute patoot.
4.  I love the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul and mind.
5.  I try to stamp every day.  LOVE to stamp.
6.  I have 2 sisters and one brother.  I am second oldest in the line-up.  We are Delores (Lori), Debra (that's me), Paul (Paulsy) and Diane (Dizey).  Only my folks and sibs get away with calling me Debbie.  I prefer Debra or Deb.  Sometimes there is a blast from the past and I get called Debbie and that is okay.   HA!
7.  My folks and my in-laws only live 5 minutes from us.  I LOVE that.  One is north of us the other south.  
8.  I am part of a group of wonderful people called the Michigan Minglers.  We chat online and in real life visit each other quite often. 

Now, in no specific order, I am inspired by:

The last one is not a stamping blog, but she inspires me every day.  And I listed more than 8.

Thank you again Heide!

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jill said...

congrats Debbie, Haha, I mean Debra. You deserve it. and I can't believe that I inspire you. Have you seen my blog lately. I feel like a shlob. not much on there lately. It is the other way around you know! Hopefully things will change over the next few months for me.