Sunday, July 15, 2012

Elise and Irelyn!

Elise and Irelyn are my grand daughters.  They live in Virginia and are spending some vacation time with us.  Let me show you what is going on in my stamp room!

 This is Irelyn.  She is writing right now.  See that pink paper?  Some punching was going on!  And see those red sour cherrys at the bottom of the picture?  Fun times!
 This is Elise.  She wanted to make some flowers. 
 Flowers and bling!  Love!
 On my shelf of cards Elise saw this card. 

 She wanted me to show her how to make one with yellow and red.  I helped her get started and she did a great job!
 This card Elise made all on her own.
 This is a card Irelyn made all on her own.
The girls have been very busy.   Grammy Deb and Grampy Jack are having a grand time!  Jaclyn is enjoying having someone to play the Wii with.  

Have a great day!


Emma Fewkes said...

How sweet ... I love this post :)

Lorien Clark said...

Awe! I love that they like to stamp with you.

Hope they have fun at the Air Zoo!