Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mica Flakes and Shaker Frames

This was for my October class. 
The Mica Flakes (124115 $3.50) are white, iridescent, shimmery and sparkly.  I love sparkly!  Under the tree the Mica Flakes are adhered using Multipurpose Liquid Glue (110755 $3.95).  Just place a line of the glue where you want the Mica Flakes to adhere.  Take a pinch or several of the Mica Flakes and place them over the glue.  Press down.  Shake the excess off and back into your container (it's HUGE!).

To make the frame:  In this example I stamped the snowflake from the Bright Hopes Set (122690 Woodmount $23.95 / 122692 Clearmount $17.95) right onto the base of the card.  Take the second from the outside of the Shaker Frames and place the sticky side down around the snowflake.  Punch out a 1-3/4 sized circle from the Window Sheets (114323 $4.95).  Pinch some Mica Flakes into the middle on top of the snowflake.  Peel off the paper on the frame and place the window sheet over it. 

To make the scalloped piece:  Punch out a 1-3/8 circle on your cardstock.  Punch out a 2-3/8 scalloped circcle around the punched out circle to get your scalloped frame.  Place glue on your piece and attach over the window sheet.  The window is fiddly, but fun!

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Have a great day!

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Robin said...

Love all the sparkle bling! So pretty :)