Thursday, October 13, 2011


Fan Fold Flower, Rosette, Lolly, Medallion, Whatchamacallit!

One of my projects last month was to make a Fan Fold Flower, Rosette, Lolly, Medallion, Whatchamacallit!  This really is called all of these things.  ANYway,  they really are fun to make.  They can be fiddly to work with, but fun!  I even made one of my very first tutorials!  WOOOHOOO!!!

This is the final project.

Now for the tutorial.  This is what we are making.

Place your 1x12 piece to score onto the Simply Scored board.

Score at every 1/2 inch.

Flip your piece over and score at every 1/4 inch.

Accordian fold your scored paper.

Snip off one end at the first score line.

Sticky strip the ends together.  It will look like this.
Using a low temp glue gun, glue cardstock circles onto your 'whatchamacallit'.  I have tried other glues.  This is the easiest and longest holding way to make these.
There!  Now it is ready for a project!
Go make some!  They are fun!

Have a great day!

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Emma F said...

I think your whatchamacallit is fabumacallit! Love the tutorial too <3