Friday, October 1, 2010

Choosing Gratitude Bible Study Journal

On Wednesday mornings I am attending a Bible study.  We are going through a book called Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy.  There is journaling involved.  I am horrible at journaling.  My oldest daughter Erin is fabulous at it.  She has loved to write, journal and pen stories ever since she was in the second grade.  She is very good at it.  Anyway,  I bought myself a spiral notebook and covered it.  That is one thing I can do!  Stamp and craft!  This is the front cover.  I am not going to list all of the ingredients.  I used a LOT.  Everything is ©Stampin' Up!

Here are some closeups.  The phrase says Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings.  It is in the stamp set Day of Gratitude.  Appropriate, don't you think?!

All over there are buttons and brads.  One of the flowers here is made out of material and the other is paper with a ribbon center and leaves.
The flower on the right is made out of paper and spritzed with Shimmer paint.
This is a closeup of the binder edge.  I used a LOT of ribbon.  I gathered the striped piece by pulling a middle thread.  The crochet trim piece is gathered using taffeta ribbon.   The artichoke seam binding is ruffled with sticky strip.

Gratitude is a choice: if we fail to choose it, by default we are ungrateful.  Gratitude is learning to recognize and express appreciation for the benefits we have received from God and from others.  Ingratitude comes from not listening to God and not remembering what He has done for us. 

When we choose a lifestyle of heartfelt, humble gratitude, it brings to mind the benefits received from our gracious Savior and those He has placed around us. By intentionally thanking God and others, bitterness and entitlement are replaced with joy and the humble realization of just how undeserving we really are.

I want to live my life based on thankfulness - for the freedom Christ has provided and for the blessings of others.

Thanks for looking!  Debra


Emma F said...

Wowsers ... that is ONE FABULOUS journal! I love how you pulled it all together. I see the threaded ribbon too (gorgeous). You did such a wonderful job on this, Debra. I'm in awe :)

Laura said...

That is STUNNING! What a beautiful notebook. I think I need to look at that study. It sounds wonderful!

Micki said...

This is wonderful! If you can maintain your blog you can handle the journaling! :)

PattyB said...

This is truly beautiful and inspirational Debra! Much better than my idea, but I hope you like the happy mail coming your way anyway ;)

juniperbarn said...

Oh my word, this is gorgeous! Truly breathtaking! What an inspiration you are!

Lorien Clark said...

Absolutely Amazing!

Theresa said...

Absolute love this! Great job ont he binding all that ribbon!