Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Matchbox and Emma's

Last Saturday Jaclyn and I took a mini roadtrip over to Emma's to meet up with some fellow Mingler's. We had a FABULOUS time.

Here is Emma. She is a beautiful, gracious host. I should have gotten a picture of her DH as well. What a wonderful couple.

Here is the lot of us!

This is how Jaclyn spent her day. Watching movies on the couch. We got a bit of Brady Bunch and Jay Jay that day.
This is my swap. I love the Matchbox Die. You can fill them with quite a bit. I had these filled with chocolate. Those are gone now. YUMMY!


Cathy said...

Nice pictures and blog post. I agree, Emma and Roy are a wonderful couple and so kind to let us all invade. Your swap convinced me to order the matchbox die. And the candy didn't even make it home - ate it all on the way (but I did share with David, my boyfriend). :)


Dawn Marie said...

What lovely pictures! Your card and matchbox are wonderful!!!It was lovely seeing you again and getting to stamp with you!
Sorry about the award I was supposed to pass it along and time just got away from me! Glad you came to visit my blog and saw it, you truely deserve it, your blog (and you) are a great inspiration to me! Thanks so much!Hugz

Emma F said...

Hi Debra ... it's funny, I never think I look like that ... in my head I look a lot different!!! Tee Hee ~ thanks for your kind words and wonderful company. We love you!

Kim said...

Wonderful pictures. I loved the match box filled with goodies. Jaclyn is beautiful just like her mom.

Glad that you all had a fun time!

Shelley said...

OH what fun! Wish I were in MI too ;)